A Bit About Us



Our mission is to provide exceptional design and website services to small businesses and non-profit organizations. We desire to work with organizations and people that are making a difference- in their community or around the world. We want to help expand their impact and reach.


amal·gam \ə-ˈmal-gəm\
noun. when two or more ideas or elements blend together to become one.

At Amalgam we’re all about bringing things together. We start with your company. We get to know you, your client and why you’re in business. Then we work with you to create a website or design that will communicate your message and values to your customer. And in the process we create something entirely new and unique, a perfect blend.

Who We Are

We’re Josh & Kim, a husband and wife team in Wisconsin. We’ve been married for eight years and have two super sweet kids. Before returning to Wisconsin we spent five years in Indonesia. We have a heart for other cultures, family, God, and using our skills to help other people. In fact that’s why we formed this company. We want to make a difference and help those who are doing the same.

Josh Bio Picture

Josh Ciolkosz
Web Developer, Co-Owner

Kim Bio Picture

Kim Ciolkosz
Graphic Designer, Co-Owner

Eli Ana Profile Pic

Eli & Ana
Minions, Fan Club