Amalgam Ribbon Cutting

We’re really excited to announce that we recently joined the Portage Chamber of Commerce. Our picture and the announcement will be appearing in the Portage Daily Register newspaper sometime next week. We couldn’t be more excited.

We hope that our membership with the Portage Chamber of Commerce will allow us to meet and network with more local businesses. It’s neat how we all get to help each other out and share services. When local businesses do that we take a part in helping and growing our own community, the community in which we actually live. It’s relatively easy to have a web business from anywhere in the world. But for us it’s all about the relationships. We enjoy getting to know the people we work with. We enjoy getting to know other businesses. That’s the real perk of being here in Portage.

Look for our announcement in the Portage Daily Register, and we’ll see you around town!


Amalgam Portage Chamber of Commerce Announcement Photo

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