Bigger, bolder, and better. Website Design.

We’re excited to launch our new website. It took us about two weeks to come up with a new design and implement everything. As you can tell it’s pretty different than our last version. Gone are the cutesy graphics and hand-drawn icons. Those were nice, but we wanted a more professional looking site. We now have wide full-screen photos and text.

The website also reflects some changes in our business and marketing strategy. It’s much more customer-centric. We tried to think through what our customers really want to know. It’s less about what we (Josh and Kim) can DO and more about what our customers need or are interested in. On our first site we just wanted to list all our capabilities. But now that we’ve been in business for a few months we’re thinking more about what our customer needs. It’s a subtle but important difference.

It’s pretty amazing what you can do with WordPress. We used the same theme (Enfold), the same plugins, but everything else is completely different. The flexibility of this platform if pretty amazing. Take a look at these two screen shots- the old and the new.

Homepage mockup version 1

Our first website.

Homepage mockup New

Our new website.

Our goal for the website is to connect with potential clients, project our company mission and values, and be a portal for our social media. We think the new site accomplishes these goals.

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