learning how to create blog posts for wordpress

How to create blog posts

I made a little video that walks you through the basic steps of creating and publishing a blog post to WordPress. I also wanted to give you a couple links to use to find free photos you can insert into your post. You can use these as the Featured Image or insert them directly in the body of your post. Either way, they're free! It's always a good idea to include an image as part of your post. You Read more [...]

Be the Expert

I'm learning so many new things as a freelance work-from-home web developer. I learn new things with every website we complete. But I also am learning so much about people and expectations. One thing I'm learning is that people don't really know what they want. I don't mean that in a negative way. It's just something I'm observing. All too often I go into a meeting expecting my client to have all Read more [...]

Establish Goals. Hit Your Target.

In a previous blog post, The Process of Making a Website, I outlined the steps we go through to make a website. This was more of an overview to give people a feel for what's involved in making a website, and to help people see the process we go through. By way of review, the steps we go through to make a website are: Identify Goals Layout and Functionality Implementation Design Launch I Read more [...]
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The Process of Making a Website

What's it like to make a website? What are the steps we go through to bring it to life. I thought it might be helpful to layout the process we go through to make a website, for those that are curious. Identify Goals The first step is all about our client. We try to get to know our client- who they are, their business, their target audience, and the specific goals they have in mind for their website. Read more [...]

Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

Is your website 'mobile friendly'? Does it look and run well on a phone? If not then it's time to consider a redesign. Last February Google made an announcement that as of April 21st sites that are not mobile-friendly will be penalized when searched for on a mobile device. In other words, if I search for something on my phone I will most likely only see websites that are mobile-friendly in the results. Read more [...]
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Tips for Beginner WordPress Developers

In this article I want to share some practical tips for beginner WordPress developers. Perhaps you’ve used WordPress for a long time but have never really tried your hand at custom theme development. Maybe you’ve explored some of the code, tweaked things from time to time, but never really developed anything yourself from scratch. Sometimes the hardest part is just knowing how to get started. I’d Read more [...]
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Wappalyzer. Everything you ever wanted to know about a website.

Today I want to tell you about a tool that's become almost indispensable to me as a web developer. And if you're not a web developer you might find this handy as well. It's called Wappalyzer and it's a free plugin for Firefox. What it allows you to do is view at a glance all the underlying technology used on a website. It displays all this information as little icons up in your address bar. Take a Read more [...]
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Free Photos for Your Blog

Keeping a blog is an excellent way to connect with your website visitors and drive traffic to your site. With a blog you can offer advice, share what you're working on, or announce your latest and greatest products. But have you ever been in the situation where you've written a great post, have something wonderful to say, but don't have a classy picture to go with it? So what do you do? One option Read more [...]