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Creating and Connecting

We’re just putting the finishing touches on our new Amalgam website. It’s been coming along nicely, and I must say I’m pretty proud of the results. Kim came up with the design and did all the imagery (banner, icons, etc.) And I put the site together using Enfold, a WordPress theme I’ve never used before but seems to be pretty popular. I think I’ll use it again for future projects.

We hope this site will be a portal for our customers- to see what we offer, our services, and contact info. We hope to connect with clients via the blog too. From time to time we’ll share updates on what we’re working on, things we’ve learned along the way, and tips and tricks. We’re exploring social media too and deciding which ones to use for what. For example, Facebook is good for connecting with friends and family; Pinterest and Instagram are good for sharing designs and sketches; and LinkedIn for professional connections and colleagues. Options, options, options.

I read in a book recently that freelance business is 50% creating, and 50% connecting. We hope to be doing lots of both in the coming weeks and months. Here’s to a great year!

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