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Keeping a blog is an excellent way to connect with your website visitors and drive traffic to your site. With a blog you can offer advice, share what you’re working on, or announce your latest and greatest products. But have you ever been in the situation where you’ve written a great post, have something wonderful to say, but don’t have a classy picture to go with it? So what do you do? One option is to quickly open up your photos folder on your computer, rummage through the thousands of photos, and try to find something that fits. Yes, we’ve been there and done that. But there are better ways to add photos to your blog.

The other day we came across a wonderful site we want to share with you called Photopin. Photopin allows you to search for photos by typing in keywords (no more searching your hard drive). It uses the Flickr API (meaning the entire Flickr collection) and sorts the photos by license type. So, for example, if you are posting photos for your business you choose the ‘Commercial’ license. Or if it’s just for personal use you can choose ‘Non-Commercial’. Photopin gives you a variety of sizes to choose from and you just click the download button. It’s as easy as that.

So next time you’re looking for a nice photo for your blog head over and give Photopin search a try.

UPDATE: Here’s another one we came across recently. Give it a try, StockSnap.

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