Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

Is your website ‘mobile friendly’? Does it look and run well on a phone? If not then it’s time to consider a redesign. Last February Google made an announcement that as of April 21st sites that are not mobile-friendly will be penalized when searched for on a mobile device. In other words, if I search for something on my phone I will most likely only see websites that are mobile-friendly in the results. Non-mobile-friendly sites will be penalized or overlooked.

This is a pretty significant update for Google. Websites have been going responsive (designed for multiple devices) for several years, but this is the final affirmation that Google is taking this trend seriously. Mobile searches are a significant source of traffic to your website. For example, in 2014 for the first time ever mobile traffic exceeded desktop traffic on the internet. That’s a pretty striking shift! More people are using cell phones and tablets than desktop computers. If you want your website/company/product, etc to be found, it pays to have a mobile version.

So how do you know if your website is mobile-friendly? Fortunately Google makes it really easy with their handy Mobile-Friendly Test tool. Just type in your website address and Google will tell you if it checks out or not. It also checks individual pages and gives you suggestions of how and where you can make improvements.

The web has been going mobile for several years now. Most modern frameworks and content management systems have responsive functionality built in. It’s not that difficult to design a site to be responsive. Think about your own website? Is it mobile-friendly? If you’re not sure we’d be happy to look at it for you. Make sure your website is being found by Google.

is your site mobile friendly?

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