One Year In. What I’ve Learned.

This month we celebrate one year of being in business. One year ago we started our own company, Amalgam, LLC. Instead of doing my normal activities I wanted to stop and reflect on things a bit.

It’s been a good year. Kim and I have learned a whole lot this first year. We’ve learned how to run a business. How to market ourselves. We’ve learned what’s effective, and what’s not. We’ve gotten some good experience making websites, completing design projects, working with clients, working with printers. We’re learning our limitations too and are starting to network and collaborate with others more and more frequently. And by golly, we’re slowly even starting to turn a profit.

But more than that, I’ve learned the value of running our own company. It’s not easy, mind you. We literally have to do everything- marketing, sales, balance the budget, manage the books, deal with customers. . . and that’s all in addition to the ‘normal’ job of making websites and doing design. But it’s worth it- it’s so worth it.

This was really put into focus this last week when I was presented with an opportunity to do something completely different. I was offered a job, and it put us into a bit of a tailspin as we went back to the drawing board. It caused us to really examine what we really want. It’s relatively easy to keep doing something when you have no other choice. However, when all of a sudden you do have a choice it puts into question your reasons for sticking with it. The question that kept coming into my mind was ‘Is it worth it?’. Is running my own business, chasing clients, living month to month worth it, especially when presented with the real opportunity to work a reliable 9-5 office job?

The conclusion I ended up with is, ‘Yes! It is indeed worth it.’ Working from home is worth it. Working side by side with my wife is worth it. Having the extra time with my children, the ability to travel, to pursue my own clients, choose my own skills, etc. is worth it. This is something unique, and it’s worth fighting for. Yes, it’s a little risky. Yes, it’s continuing to walk uncharted territory for us. But I believe God gave us this opportunity a year ago, and I believe He’ll bless our faithfulness as we trust Him with it. Not to sound too preachy, but that’s honestly how I feel about it. We’ve seen Him work in our lives in big ways which gives me the confidence to press on.

We’ve learned a lot this first year. It’s been both hard and rewarding. Every project we complete we learn something new. And after a year, I’m glad we were presented with a way out. It’s helped me see that this isn’t just about a job and money. There’s so much more at stake. I see the value of what I really have, and I appreciate it that much more.




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