DePauw United Methodist Church was running a stewardship campaign. Not only did they want to encourage giving, but most of all they wanted to unify the church body. Rather than separating people into committees and dividing into groups, they came up with a new vision. DePauw wanted to function as one unified team, living Biblically and unified as a family.

This project was supposed to convey their new vision in a shirt. They specifically wanted to focus on being a team, living Biblically, and loving one another.  DePauw wanted something unique, gender neutral, and a design that could go on a tshirt for the kick-off of their stewardship campaign.
“I really enjoyed working with Kim to create a design for our church’s stewardship campaign.  She’s an attentive listener and wanted to hear the ideas and emotion I hoped her art would evoke.  She accomplished it by creating a warm, inviting design that conveys unity but also challenges church members to 'be the church'.”
Susan Parr, DePauw UMC