The Chamber of Commerce serves two different audiences. a) local business, and b) residents and visitors to the Portage area. Our task was to design and develop a website that would cater to both groups of people. We chose a layout and color scheme that was both professional and friendly. We organized the content and menus to be easy for both businesses and local residents to find what they need. We showcased local photography throughout the site, and created custom banners for every page.

Another requirement was to integrate the website with Chamber Master- 3rd party software for managing chamber members. We worked closely with the Chamber of Commerce and Chamber Master developers to provide the needed functionality and ensure their content fit with our design.

Lastly, we built the site using Wordpress so that Chamber of Commerce staff could easily make changes and updates once the site was finished.
"Josh and Kim are very professional, knowledgeable and creative. They will work hard to make sure you are satisfied. We are very happy with our website redesign and will not hesitate to recommend them to others."
- Marianne Hanson, Executive Director
- Brad Conrad, Marketing Coordinator