True Stories Publishing is all about “Stories that speak Truth.”
God’s Heart for Orphans and Widows does just that. Author and publisher Rebecca S. Harbert wrote this book for anyone who wants to learn what God’s Word really says about caring for orphans and widows. Both encouraging and challenging, this book will hit you right where you are.

I was challenged to create a front and back cover for this book. The cover needed to show widows and orphans from around the world, speak of God’s heart and the bigger picture, and also capture a bit about the messiness of stepping out and caring for those in need.  Fonts, colors, and imagery was carefully chosen for both the front and back of this cover.
We then worked to make sure the cover was to spec for both print and ebook.

“Amalgam is amazing! They’re super professional and extremely skilled at what they do. The staff was a joy to work with and did an awesome job for our business. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience!”
Rebecca Harbert, CEO True Stories Publishing