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Print Project: Legacy Investments

I recently finished working on a project for Legacy Investments and Insurance Services Inc.  Personally, Josh and I just love this company, and have sought them for financial advice for a number of years. We love their philosophy and that they are a Dave Ramsey ELP (Endorsed Local Provider).  They have always been so kind, helpful, and prompt.  They were wanting to freshen up their look, so they asked me to update their logo and print materials.

They were looking for something quite subtle, but wanted to breathe some new life into their office.  This was a fun project, as I feel that I learned a lot about type, layout, and print setup. We went with a similar style, but chose to purchase a new font that was a bit more fresh and clean. Why purchase a font for your company when there are so many free ones?  Well, honestly, purchased fonts are so much smoother, cleaner, and easier to work with. They also are unique. Why not pay a small amount to have a font that is so much less common than the usual Times New Roman or Arial? It makes your company look more professional and stand out above the rest.  We also deepened their color palette and added a bit of texture.  Because this is a financial and investment company, we wanted to keep the layout clean and professional.

We applied this new style across the board- onto their business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and also added it to their website and Facebook page. All in all it was a rewarding project to work on, and I loved that there was a complete design package when we finished.

As an added note, I was in a store the other day and someone asked me if I design business cards. I told them that I did, and they got very excited. They said that since Staples went out of business so many people have been at a loss as to what to do.  I forgot about this, but it’s true. There is no longer a Staples here in Portage, so here’s another plug for the small business (i.e. us 🙂 ). If you need business cards, letterheads, etc. for your company, just give us a buzz. We’d love to help, and we can come up with something just right for your company.  There are no mass templates here- We strive for that personal touch and high quality you deserve.

To see more pictures of this project, check out our portfolio.

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