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Promote Your Passion. Design on Purpose.

Anyone that knows us knows that we are extremely purpose-driven people. Josh and I don’t like to twiddle our thumbs. We don’t like to sit still. We don’t like to succumb to mediocrity. We want to know that our days are worth something.  Boom- light bulb!  How many others are out there that really strive to make a difference? My guess is that if you’re reading this, you like feeling like you’re doing something worthwhile too.

Let me share a piece of our hearts with you: if we could just use our skills to help others promote what they’re passionate about, that would be amazing!  So, we’ve decided to hone in our focus.  We want to work with non-profits and small businesses that are striving to do something more. We want to be real and authentic. We want to give back.

Over the next several months we will be making changes to our site and business that will reflect these values. Here are a few ideas we have that you’ll see coming up:

Spotlights: We plan to spotlight one awesome non-profit or small business per month, especially one that is striving to make a difference. This might include a special Q&A interview along with ways we (all of us) can be more involved. This is to raise awareness of what’s happening in both our community and around the world.  If we can help these groups out with our skills, that’s just an added bonus.

Specials: We want our clients to know that they are valued. So, each month we plan on offering a special, whether that be free web hosting, a bonus print from our store, or something else.

Education: We are small business owners learning the ropes, just like many of you.  We’d like to offer more posts about entrepreneurship, balancing family and business, maintaining integrity in the workplace, etc. We want to be both authentic and helpful.  If you have ideas. We’re all ears!

The “A” shop: Josh and I have always loved all things art. We’re also hoping to promote some of our passions and hobbies via a small e-commerce shop on this site. (Right now, our shops are currently via Etsy & the Madison Artery). Hopefully many of these items will reflect our own hearts and make a way for us to give back.


Your turn: Do you love what you do? Why? In what ways have you been able to promote it? Share your stories in the comments below!


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