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Today I want to tell you about a tool that’s become almost indispensable to me as a web developer. And if you’re not a web developer you might find this handy as well. It’s called Wappalyzer and it’s a free plugin for Firefox. What it allows you to do is view at a glance all the underlying technology used on a website. It displays all this information as little icons up in your address bar. Take a look at a list of all the things it can identify on their website.

Wappalyzer gives you all kinds of handy info about a website. It tells you things like what OS a site is using (Linux, Windows), web server info (Apache, IIS) and the underlying programming languages in use (PHP, ASP). It also identifies front-end frameworks, javascript and content management systems. Pretty much anything that’s going on behind the scenes is detected. As a developer this is really helpful me to know just how a site is built. If I see something really cool on a site I can look up and see ‘Oh, that’s the  jquery UI in action’, or ‘Oh, this is being generated by WordPress’. It’s just another way to keep abreast of web trends and what is actually being used out there to power the web.

The easiest way to get Wappalyzer is to install it via the Add-ons page on Firefox and type it into the search box. Firefox does all the rest. Give it a try.

Disclaimer: I only use Wappalyzer for Firefox browser. I can’t say how it works with all the rest. But if you’re into web development you already know Firefox is the best, right?

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